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Mama’s Bad Boys
American-Amsterdam bluesgiants Lamar Chase and Otis Rahim Hornesby are not planning to become legends yet, although their careers give them all reason to rest on their laurels. The Californian Chase played with John Lee Hooker, Lowell Folson and members of Tower of Power, Sly & The Family Stone and Santana, while eastcoaster Hornesby toured through the States with stars like Phyllis Hyman, Jimmy Reed and Nancy Wilson. During the eighties they decided to spice up the Amsterdam bluesscene. Hook them up to the mains, add a steady drummer and it will be a long, rhythmic night! Such a drummer the two American fireballs recently found in the Russian Tolik Smirnoff. Funky rockin’ blues, that’s the result of this trip around the world from Eastcoast to Westcoast, from East to West - and Amsterdam is not the final destination.

Bourbon Street Blues Club

Blues Radio Amsterdam
Bluesradio is een mix van blues, waarbij alle stijlen aan bod komen, cajun, soul, rock & roll, jazz kortom 2 uur heerlijke feelgood muziek

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Blues Radio Amsterdam

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